Indica And Sativa: A Guide To Telling Them Apart

Cannabis commonly referred to as weed in many places of the world, comes in two major strains. These are Indica and Sativa. Most people don't even know this even if they are consumers but the two are distinctly different. Here is a guide to telling them apart.

One of the major differences is the origin. Indica originates from India and central Asia while Sativa likes the equatorial climates like Thailand, southern Africa and Mexico. Indica flowers in about 45-60 days and has higher yields and is mostly done indoors to achieve this result while Sativa flowers in about 60- 90 days and is mostly done outdoors. There are a few more strains that come from Indica which are purple kush, granddaddy purple and northern lights while Sativa has sour diesel, green craok, and amnesia haze.

The leaves of the Indica plant are wider than those of the sativa, which are very narrow. This is a very visible difference because you can tell them apart just by looking at them. The Indica plant is also bushy and fuller than the sativa whose leaves are a bit scattered. This is also another thing that can help you easily tell the difference between the two plants.

Another very obvious difference between the two is the difference in height of the plant when fully matures. Sativa is significantly longer than Indica. This makes sativa suitable for outdoor growing while Indica can be easily grown indoors. The flowering time is shorter for Indica than sativa meaning that it takes a shorter time for Indica to be ready for harvest than it is for the sativa plant.

When it comes to sativa and Indica, there is a huge difference in what they do to an individual's body system. This is basically the effect they cause when they are consumed. There is one that provides a relaxing and soothing effect. On the other hand, there also one that gives the effect of having an energetic feeling. Sativa gives the feeling of increasing the adrenaline levels in one's system whereas Indica gives the soothing and calming effect. It is, for this reason, crucial to keep in mind that they have a special role to play on the kind of activities one should undertake.

There is also the need to note that sativa has an effect of relieving depression and the feeling of being tired every now and then. Indica is known to relieve anxiety in people who suffer from such a disorder. But before you start using them you need to find a consulting firm such as the Quantum 9.

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